New Postal Requirements Effective January 2013

The United Stated Postal Service will require an Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) to claim automation discounts on all letters and flats as of January 2013.  From January 2013 and on, all POSTNET barcodes will be discontinued from automation eligibility.

We have been working with all of our customers to make sure these new regulations are met.  Many of our clients with BRM envelopes have been converting over the last year to gear up for the change.

Here is a list of five key data fields all IMb require:

  1. Barcode ID – This must be “00” if an Optional Endorsement Line is not printed on the tailpiece
  2. Service Type ID (STID) – A three digit field that identifies class of mail and any additional/special services requested.  At a minimum. provide mail class; do not use “000”
  3. Mailer ID (MID) – Identifies mail owner or preparer; this 6 or 9-digit field is assigned by USPS
  4. Serial Number – A unique 6 or 9 digit field assigned by the mailer.  For Basic IMb service or all Reply Mail, this number can be the same on all mail pieces
  5. Routing Code – A 5, 9 or 11-digit field that identifies delivery ZIP code data.  11-digit delivery point routing codes not permitted on BRM/QBRM

Contact us with any questions you may have and we can help get you started and implement Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb).