Meet the Owners

St. Louis Printing Owners

Donna (left), Jim (center) & Laura (right)

Schwartzkopf Printing, Inc. was founded in 1972 as a small, one press shop on Third Street in Downtown Alton by Neal Schwartzkopf.  His daughter, Terry, and son, Jim, assisted him in operating the business.

As the business grew, so did Jim’s interest in one day owning the business.  With many long hours, sweat and devotion, Jim and his wife, Donna, acquired ownership in 1989.

Jim, Donna and their incredible staff have taken that once small shop to one of the most successful print shops in the bi-state area.

Jim continued to grow the commercial aspect of the shop and gave support to Donna as she expanded the business into screen printing.  Her hard work, sacrifice and dedication produced a company that now prints 100s to 1000s of apparel daily.

Jim and Donna have two daughters, Laura Manns and Monica Fischer.  Both girls have grown up with their family at Schwartzkopf Printing.

“I can remember sitting at the old drawing table for the graphic artists, playing and drawing with all of the colored pencils and markers, and thinking I was the coolest kid alive!  Or when our press operator, Tony Rain, would walk on his hands to make me laugh!” commented Laura Manns.

Both daughters are married, each with 2 children of their own.  Laura joined the business in 2006 as an Account Executive and Monica hopes to join the team within the next couple of years.

Outside of work, Jim and Donna are very active in their church, St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Alton.  Jim was ordained a deacon in June of 2012 and helps his church by answering his call to God.  Every aspect of their life, in and out of work, is guided by their faith.

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”
— Proverbs 16:9

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