Meet the Staff


Kerry (left), Denise (right)

Denise McCurdy has been an employee for 22 years, starting as a typesetter.  As the office manager, she oversees all commercial print jobs from the early stages of bidding to handing the finished piece off to the customer.  Her extensive knowledge of the printing business and all aspects of the company make her essential to the success of the company.

Kerry Brown was hired into the company as a photolithographer 21 years ago. Since then, he has worked his way up the ladder to production manager.  Kerry is essential to the every day production of the company by overseeing the press room, producing plates and helping out in screen printing when needed.

Customer Service

Laura Manns, a third generation Schwartzkopf family member, was hired in 2006 as a customer service representative.  She brought fresh ideas and added enthusiasm as she began her career with the company.  Laura stays involved in the daily production while working to expand our customer base and the services that we provide.


Terry Dressel has been with the business since the doors opened.  She ran the first press when her Dad, Neal, opened the business.  Now, she is the accountant for the company and oversees all ordering of the advertising specialties merchandise. Her knowledge is irreplaceable!


Dee Bailey, employed since 2010, joined the staff to assist in customer service.  She has grown into a position of overseeing almost all screen printing orders and helping wherever an extra hand is needed.  Her love for life and positive attitude bring cheer to each customer that walks through the door!


Anne Frakes was hired in 1993 as a sales representative.  She loved working with customers and made many lasting relationships.  She now assists in purchasing and deliveries.  You’ll never meet a sweeter person.  She always finishes up the printing process with a smile!


Graphic Artists

Jan (left), Matt (right)

Jan Campbell has been an employee for 12 years.  In 2000, she came to us with many years of experience in the printing industry and a strong customer following in the area.  Her creative mind produces beautiful pieces from vibrant high school t-shirt designs to elegant wedding invitations.  She provides excellent customer service and keeps all of the customers laughing!

Matt Schneider was hired in 2000.  He came to us as a graphic artist and has since become involved in many aspects of the business.  He not only oversees prepress production, he also runs both Xerox machines and the large format printer.  If you have a question regarding prepress production, he’s your man!

Screen Printing/Embroidery

Billie (left), Kurt (right)

Kurt Brown was hired in 1995.  He is the brother of Kerry Brown, our production manager.  He came to us when we were testing the screen printing field and has helped us grow this aspect of the business into what it is today.  He has a sharp eye for detail and produces beautiful pieces.

Billie Patterson, employee for three years, was hired to help with the increasing business in screen printing.  His hard work and quick learning skills have made him a valuable asset to the company.  When a person needs a job before their 8am meeting, he will stay late to get the job done!

Press Operators

Tony (left), Andy (right)

Tony Rain, hired in 1988, has the longest employment record.  He has seen many of the changes in the business and is a big reason for so many successful jobs.  He runs one of the 40″ presses and works hard from the time his feet hit the press room floor.

Andy Peipert, employee since 1996, also runs a 40″ press.  He joined us to help keep up with the increased business.  He produces beautiful work and always makes time to give a helping hand wherever needed.  Andy keeps everyone smiling!


Troy Nelson was hired in 1996 to help with bindery.  He has since been trained to run the 19″, 20″ and 40″ presses, as well as being able to screen print.  Troy is a dependable employee willing to help wherever he is needed, whether it be delivering a large job or folding shirts.


Bill Kalbfleisch was hired in 2010.  He has been a press operator for many years and brought that expertise with him when he joined our family.  He is quick, knowledgeable and hard-working, everything we pride ourselves on at Schwartzkopf Printing.




George (left), Jamey (right)

George Hermann, employee since 1996, runs the bindery department.  He knows everything there is to know about the finishing that goes into the printing process.  He works hard making sure each piece that leaves the shop is finished with perfection.

Jamey Nelson, hired in 2007, is the son of Troy Nelson, one of our press operators.  He spent many years pitching in when we got busy and proved how valuable his employment would be.  He works side by side with George and is quickly learning all aspects of bindery.

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